Both We and He

“For he who sanctifies and those who are sanctified all have one source”
-Hebrews 2:11

All are inserted onto the plane of suffering and into the slavery of the fear of death.  These evils are not, at present, escapable for the human; they are intrinsic to him.  And yet, we and the angels and Jesus originate with God–so Jesus can be sovereign and omnipotent Lord, but merciful brother as well.

The priesthood was always intended to be this.  A man is born set apart, ceremonially cut off from the customs and the inheritances of the political man–“the LORD is their inheritance”–so that he may enter into the midst of other men to deal with their sins and their reconciliation to God.  Jesus enters the land of death and suffering and sin from a world where these are not, in order to reckon with them.  Both we and He are called by God, but He is called to Lordship, and we to faith and repentance.  So, in brotherhood, we benefit together.


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