Psalm 98 Translation (from Vulgate)

(Note: Why translate from the Vulgate?  A. I don’t know Hebrew.  B. For Latin practice.  C. It’s its own study in translation, since we can see the import of word-choices made by Jerome, etc..  D. It’s fun to do your own Bible-translating, and why should Hebraists have all the fun?  I’m not publishing it!)

The Lord has reigned—the peoples rage! May He who sits above the cherubim move on the earth.
The Lord is great in Zion and has been lifted high above all peoples. May they confess your great name, seeing that it is both terrible and sacred.
And the honor of a king esteems judgment.
You have prepared straight ways.
You have enacted judgment and justice in Jacob.
Lift high the Lord our God and worship the very stool of His feet, seeing that it is sacred.
Moses and Aaron His priests, and Samuel, who called on His name—all these used to call on His name, and He used to attend to them.
In pillars of cloud He used to speak to them;
they used to guard his testimonies and the precepts that He gave them.
Lord our God, You Yourself used to listen to those men!
God, you were gracious to them, and vengeful against all their enemies!
Lift high the Lord our God and worship on his sacred mountain, seeing that the Lord our God is sacred.


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