Psalm 99 Translation (Vulgate)

Mercy and judgment I will sing to you, Lord.
I will play the lyre and understand in the immaculate way.
When will you come to me?
I will traverse it in the innocence of my heart, into the middle of my house.
I will not place before my eyes an unjust thing.
I have hated those who make collusions. They have not stuck to me.
Having shunned evil, I never knew what it was to have a crooked heart.
The one who dragged down his neighbor in secret: him I hunted.
The one with the insatiable eye and heart: with him I did not eat.
My eyes were toward the faithful of the earth, that they might sit down with me.
The one walking in the immaculate way: he served me.
No one lived in the middle of my house who exuded arrogance.
Those who followed iniquities did not give orders under the watch of my eyes.
In the morning I would kill all the sinners of the earth, that I might put them to ruin from the city of the Lord.


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