Psalm 91 (92) Translation (Vulgate)

It is good to testify to the Lord
and to play strings to your name, God Most High!
To announce in the morning your mercy
and your truth throughout the night,
on the lovely-hearted lyre,
with a tune on the lute,

Because you have delighted me, Lord,
in what you are about to do,
and in the works of your hands
I am going to rejoice!

How highly esteemed are your works, Lord!
Much too deep are your thoughts and actions!

An insipid man does not realize
nor a fool understand this:
That when evildoers have sprung up like hay
and all have appeared who work wickedness,
just so they perish and are gone forever.

But you, Lord, are eternally God Most High.
For behold your enemies, Lord,
for behold your enemies will be lost
and all will be dispersed who work wickedness.
And my horn will be exalted like the unicorn’s
and my old age fertile with mercy.

Indeed my eye has looked down on my enemies
and my ear will hear it when the malicious are rising against me.

A righteous man will as a palm tree flourish,
as the cedars of Lebanon will he be multiplied.
Planted in the house of the Lord,
in the very courts of our God, will such men flourish.

They will go on being multiplied in fertile old age
and well they will endure so that they may announce:
For the Lord our God is upright, and there is no iniquity in him!






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