Psalm 92 (93) Translation (Vulgate)

(Note: I had forgotten the Vulgate Psalms don’t number like most of our Bibles’ do.  This is 92 in the Vulgate but 93 in my English Bible.)

The Lord has taken the throne–he has clothed himself in beauty.
Clothed himself, has the Lord, in mightiness; he has girded up his loins!
In fact it is he who made of the earth a strong fort, which will not be dislodged.

Your seat, Lord, was prepared from that time to this–beyond all age are you.
Rivers, Lord, have lifted up, rivers have lifted up their voice!
Rivers will lift their flowing floods:
By the voices of the many waters,
the ecstasies of the sea are wonderful!
In heights and depths is the Lord wonderful!
Your testimonies and your deeds are unbearable in evidence!

Holiness, Lord, befits your house for length of days.






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